Maintenance tips for your solar panels

Solar panels require very little maintenance but it is important to make sure they are working at optimal performance. The following steps will help you maintain your panels in good condition.
Production monitoring
Once your installation is up and running, it is important to keep an eye on your inverter. It gives you a good idea of your production and how performant your installation is. If you have installed a good quality solar system, there is no reason why it won’t be efficient and work perfectly for years. However, drastic changes in production could indicate a problem with your installation. If so, contact your installer.
Panels cleaning
Cleaning can be done by professionals
Keeping your panels clean is an important aspect of solar panel maintenance. Dirt, pollen, bird droppings and debris can block the sun from your panels and significantly decrease their energy production. In most case, the rain is more than sufficient to keep your panels clean. However, if they need an extra cleaning, the easiest way is to rinse them with your garden hose.
Avoid cleaning your panels on sunny days as their surfaces become very hot, prefer early mornings or late afternoons when the weather cools down.
Warning: Cleaning your solar system can be delicate. Never put your safety at risk. If your panels cannot be reached, avoid climbing onto the roof. Leave the cleaning to professionals.
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Some brands advice different cleaning methods. Consult your manual or call your installer if you have any doubts.
Shade monitoring
Your solar power installation works at optimal performance when sunlight strikes directly their surface. Once every few weeks, proceed to a shade monitoring. Make sure that growing trees, branches or nearby construction, for example, do not obscure the panels. Trim your trees if needed.
Panels inspection
It is recommended to have your solar power system checked by professionals once a year. It will help to give you a complete solar power check on performance.
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